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(Irregular Items) Presented below is a combined single-step income and retained earnings statement for Sandy Freewalt Company for 2004.

1. ?oSelling, general, and administrative expenses?? for 2004 included a usual but infrequently occurring charge of $10,500,000.

2. ?oOther, net?? for 2004 included an extraordinary item (charge) of $9,000,000. If the extraordinary item (charge) had not occurred, income taxes for 2004 would have been $22,400,000 instead of $19,400,000.

3. ?oAdjustment required for correction of an error?? was a result of a change in estimate (useful life of certain assets reduced to 8 years and a catch-up adjustment made).

4. Sandy Freewalt Company disclosed earnings per common share for net income in the notes to the financial statements.

Determine from these additional facts whether the presentation of the facts in the Sandy Freewalt Company income and retained earnings statement is appropriate. If the presentation is not appropriate, describe the appropriate presentation and discuss its theoretical rationale. (Do not prepare a revised statement.)

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