Information Systems ,”Quality of Service”,”Balancing Function and Fashion”

Discussion 1:

“Quality of Service” Please respond to the following:

• Your design team presents a project to you, in which most inputs seem to have about a 1.5-second delay before a response. The lead designer has decided this response is acceptable. Analyze response-time models and decide if the response time in the presented project is acceptable. Explain why it is or is not.

• Evaluate the importance quality of service has to designers. Choose two areas discussed in the textbook you would focus your attention to ensure quality of service for a team of designers that you were managing. Justify your choices.

Discussion 2:

“Balancing Function and Fashion” Please respond to the following:

• Error messages are a key part of an overall interface design strategy of guidance for the user. Discuss strategies to ensure integrated, coordinated error messages that are consistent across an application.

• Choose the one topic covered in Chapter 11 (error messages, non-anthropomorphic design, display design, window design, and color) that creates the biggest challenge to achieving balance between function and fashion. Support your response.

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