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Individual Report Select an organization or sector with which you are familiar or is of interest to you. The organization can be one where you have been or are currently employed or a well-known organization such as Apple, Toyota or Fonterra. The objective of this report is to demonstrate your understanding of how the theories, concepts and principles of innovation can be applied to a real world situation. It is critical that the data about the organization either based upon sources inside the organization (e.g. because you have been or are currently employed) or from published sources such as the Internet or materials from online library database searches. In terms of coverage, the report should: Identify a key issue, or issues (maximum of 3), which is either currently or in the near future will adversely impact performance Identify how innovation could be utilized to respond to the identified issue(s) and thereby mitigate the effect on organizational performance Describe the most effective approach for managing the implementation of the proposed innovation Identify what barriers may exist to the effective implementation of innovation and propose how these might be overcome N.B.: Where relevant use appropriate management theories, concepts and models to provide frameworks to support your ideas and proposed actions. The length of the main body of the report should not exceed 2500 words. However appendices can be attached and there is no word count restriction for these latter materials

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