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In your final submission for Final Project Part II in Module Seven, you will write a letter of inquiry/intent to various funders in order to secure funding for yoursolution (a letter of inquiry and a letter of intent have the same purpose).In order to prepare for the Final Project Part II submission, you will investigate what a letter of inquiry to a funding source looks like and what information itshould contain. Read Letters of Inquiry for an explanation and examples.After exploring the website and reviewing exemplary letters of inquiry, think about your own project and what kind of organization you would want to help solveyour social problem. Use this 250–500-word journal entry to respond to the following:1. To what organization or funder would you like to write? Explain how this organization may help solve your specific social problem.2. What “methodology” or solution are you proposing?3. How will social theory help guide the implementation of this solution? How can that theory be applied to your specific social problem?

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