in the assignment you have to mention the aim and follow a systematic approach to na 4460101

In the assignment, you have to mention the aim, and follow a systematic approach to narrow it down. You have to further derive objective(s) of the research. You have to perform a detailed literature review using RECENT REFEREED JOURNAL ARTICLES ONLY (5 years) that have addressed same/similar/related/partially the issues/challenges/advantages/problems/solutions you are dealing with, in your research. At least 20 articles that show a connection to your work should be cited. Based on the literature review, you need to demonstrate logically, what approach you are going to take and describe your methodology for applying and validating your approach, e.g. developing clear hypotheses. Then you analyse your primary data that you collect using one of the various data collection techniques. The report then reports the summary of analysis, findings, and some conclusions and recommendations. Guide As a guide your reports on both assignments should include the following sections and address the following issues: A) Qualitative assignment 1.    Introduction (background, problem, aim, objectives, scope, research questions) 2.    Literature Review 3.    Conceptual Framework B) Quantitative assignment 4.    Methodology (Prior to description of the methodology you need to describe, why that particular methodology was found most appropriate for your research) 5.    Main Findings and Interpretation 6.    Discussion 7.    Conclusions and Recommendations 8.    References

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