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The comparative financial statements of Blige Inc. are as follows. The market price of Blige Inc. common stock was $60 on December 31, 2012.
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http://east.cengagenow.com/ilrn/books/waac24h/images/ch17/waac24h_ch17_pr17_4a. gif
Link 2
http://east.cengagenow.com/ilrn/books/waac24h/images/ch17/waac24h_ch17_pr17_4a1. gif
Determine the following measures for 2012, rounding to one decimal place, except for dollar amounts, which should be rounded to the nearest cent. Assume 365 days a year.

12. Ratio of net sales to assets: %
13. Rate earned on total assets: %
14. Rate earned on stockholders’ equity: %
15. Rate earned on common stockholders’ equity: %
16. Earnings per share on common stock: $
17. Price-earnings ratio

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