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Following are the accounts of Dominique Inc., an interior decorator. The company has been in the decorating business for ten years and prepares quarterly financial statements. Following the list of accounts is a series of transactions entered into by Dominique. For each transaction, enter the number(s) of the account(s) affected.


1. Cash 11. Capital Stock, $1 par

2. Accounts Receivable 12. Paid-In Capital in Excess of Par

3. Prepaid Rent 13. Consulting Revenue

4. Office Supplies 14. Office Supply Expense

5. Office Equipment 15. Rent Expense

6. Accumulated Depreciation 16. Salaries and Wages Expense

7. Accounts Payable 17. Depreciation Expense

8. Salaries and Wages Payable 18. Interest Expense

9. Income Tax Payable 19. Income Tax Expense

10. Interim Financing Notes Payable


a. Example: Issued additional shares of stock to owners; shares issued at greater than par. 1,11,12

b. Purchased office equipment for cash. __________

c. Collected open accounts receivable from customer. __________

d. Purchased office supplies on account. __________

e. Paid office rent for the next six months. __________

f. Paid interest on an interim financing note. __________

g. Paid salaries and wages. __________

h. Purchased office equipment; made a down payment in cash and signed an interim financing note. __________

i. Provided services on account. __________

j. Recorded depreciation on equipment. __________

k. Recorded income taxes due next month. __________

l. Recorded the used office supplies. __________

m. Recorded the used portion of prepaid rent. __________

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