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  • Extravagant Life style: Daniel Jones drove expensive vehicles. It is clear from his Web site that Jones enjoyed telling people about his toys. It is likely he showed or talked about his various cars to his fellow employees. A clue to Jones’s fraud is that he began to purchase most of these expensive cars in the last ten months of the fraud, not over the period of time he worked for his company.
  • Analytical Anomalies: Jones received large amounts of software free of charge to be used on developmental projects. Someone should have discovered that Jones was receiving larger quantities of materials than his colleagues. His company could also require seeing the projects Jones was working on and the reasons why he needed such large amounts of materials.
  • Internal Control Weaknesses: His Company had no internal control checks for amounts under $1,000. Hence he can take advantage of the situation and commit fraud as he knows that no-one will check on him. He also ordered his staff to order goods which he then approved himself.
  • Unusual Behaviors: It is not one particular behavior that signals fraud but rather a change in entire behavior. Jones had worked for the company long enough that employees and coworkers would be able to tell if he was experiencing behavioral changes. Because surely reaping millions is something which is unusual. Hence employees should have understood the fact that if he needed the software he should himself order and get the approval of his supervisor.
  • Tips and Complaints: The question arises why the FBI were watching him. That could have been due to some complaints being made by another individual about The Dude.


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