explain what is meant by sustainability reporting and why a publicly listed insuranc 253357

Environmental indicators: ¦ Tonnes of paper recycled per annum. ¦ Percentage reduction in electricity usage. ¦ Litres of fuel per dollar of sales.

Required: 1 Explain what is meant by sustainability reporting and why a publicly listed insurance compan like WealthWise may adopt this approach. 2 Consider the list of key performance indicators used by Wealth Wise. Explain how these meal could be used to help achieve the mission. 3 Suggest alternative performance measures that could be included in the performance measurement system to assist WealthWise to achieve its mission. 4 Write a report to the chief executive officer explaining what steps she can take to encourage staff to behave in a way that supports sustainability. Specifically, explain to her how the performance measurement system could be used in a balanced way to support the achieve of the company’s goals.

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