explain trend projection method of demand forecasting with illustration 241082

Q.1 Explain controlling and also discuss different types of control [10]

Q.2 Veer Prabhakar is the Vice President of web bazaar, online portal for [10]

shopping of various products. He has team of 100 people at different

levels and departments. He is facing certain challenges.

Challenge 1

To maintain motivation levels of sales associated who are doing good sales

Challenge 2

How to deal with the supply chain associates who are not following up

properly for order delivery. (Currently, they are getting Cell Phone

allowance for consistence follow-up after office hours)

Challenge 3

To deal with the people who keep taking leaves without prior information.

Suggest suitable methods to shape employee behavior.

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Master of Business Administration – Semester I MB0039 -Business Communication (4 credits) Assignment -Set 1 Marks 60 Note: Each Question carries 10 marks each 1. Briefly describe any situation in your own experience where the communication failed because the non-verbal behavior sent a negative message. Which aspect of non-verbal communication contributed to the failure? How would you correct this? (10 marks) 2. What are the biggest barriers that prevent you from listening effectively? Explain how you could overcome these barriers. (10 marks) 3. List and briefly describe the five most important guidelines, in your opinion, to be followed when making oral business presentations. (10 marks). 4. You are a management trainee reporting to the Marketing Manager of an organization. You have been asked to go through business publications and summarize articles related to Branding. Explain the purpose of reading in this case and the type of reading that you will be required to do. (10 marks). 5. In your opinion, what are the five most common mistakes made during business meetings. Justify your answer. (10 marks) 6. Select any article from a business publication and prepare a summary of it in one fourth its size.. Write this in the form of a one page memo, addressed to your professor. Attach the original article with your assignment.(10 marks). Master of Business Administration – Semester I MB0039 -Business Communication (4 credits) Assignment -Set 2 Marks 60 Note: Each Question carries 10 marks each 1. You are the Marketing Manager of a consumer durables company, manufacturing washing machines. Write a routine adjustment letter to a customer in response to his routine claim letter requesting replacement of a defective product (10 marks) 2. Write a one page press release, highlighting the launch of an innovative new product by your organization. (10 marks). 3. List and briefly explain ten guidelines for writing effective business reports. (10 marks). 4. You have just…

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