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EMS5CE Assignment 2 .

Due: 21st October 9:00am .

Tender Assessment Report

Worth 25% to be completed individually.


You are provided with bill of quantities prepared separately, priced and submitted by 3 con-

tractors (A,B,C found on LMS) in respect of a proposed project (see appendix for drawings).

The site is located on Mt. Alexandra Road, Essendon. As the cost planner on the project

(clients Cost Planner), you have produced a pre-tender estimate (in the form of priced bill of

quantities – attached). Conduct a tender assessment/evaluation of the commercial aspect of

the 3 tenders received (scrutinize the tenders for completeness and accuracy of the commercial

o er, reasonableness of prices and unit rates as well as incidences of front-loading). Prepare an

interim tender report. Disregard the technical aspect of the tenders.


Your tasked to create a pre-tender estimate of the cost to produce and deliver the `LTU Swiper’.

A diagram is shown in the appendix. The LTU Swiper is a handy household item for cleaning

windows. The part is to be made using plastic injection moulding using a technique known as

2K. 2K moulding enables the use of more than one plastic to be injected into the same mould.

In this particular the case the LTU Swiper handle is to be made from Polypropleyene (PP) and

the Blade from Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM). The intended market for this

product is the Asia-paci c market with a distribution centre located in Bundoora, Australia.

Quantities may vary dependent on market demand. Initial estimates are that this will be a

50,000 units. The time for delivery is 40 days from order placement. You are provided with bill

of quantities prepared separately, priced and submitted by 3 di erent producers located locally

in Australia, and overseas in Indonesia and United States of America.

Report structure

The tender report should include the following,

1. Executive Summary

2. Project Introduction / assumptions

3. Tender process description

4. Each tenderer’s review and discussion

5. Conclusion

6. Appendix

Make reasonable assumptions where necessary for the assignment.

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LTU Swiper

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