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Effect of inventory valuation on the balance sheet and net income. ResellFast purchases residential and commercial real estate for resale. ResellFast has a December 31 year-end and prepares financial statements quarterly. On February 5, 2008, ResellFast acquired an open-air mall in Miami, Florida, with space for 15 retail businesses, for $20 million. On April 12, 2008, a storm flooded a portion of the mall, reducing the mall’s fair value to $16.5 million. On August 14, 2008, a large retailer announced plans to build a new store adjacent to the open-air mall: this announcement, combined with ResellFast’s repairs, attracted several smaller retailers to inquire about acquiring space in the open-air mall. By September 30, 2008, the fair value of the open-air mall had increased to $26 million. On November 8, 2008, ResellFast sold the mall for $27.5 million. Compute the carrying value of the open-air mall on ResellFast’s balance sheet and the related income statement effect for each quarter of 2008. ResellFast follows U.S. GAAP.

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