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Each of the following items must be considered in preparing a statement of cash flows for Cruz Fashions Inc. for the year ended December 31, 2010.

1. Fixed assets that had cost $20,000 61/2 years before and were being depreciated on a 10-year basis, with no estimated scrap value, were sold for $4,750.

2. During the year, goodwill of $15,000 was considered impaired and was completely written off to expense

. 3. During the year, 500 shares of common stock with a stated value of $25 a share were issued for $32 a share.

4. The company sustained a net loss for the year of $2,100. Depreciation amounted to $2,000 and patent amortization was $400.

5. Uncollectible accounts receivable in the amount of $2,000 were written off against the Allowance for Doubtful Accounts.

6. Investments (available-for-sale) that cost $12,000 when purchased 4 years earlier were sold for $10,600. The loss was considered ordinary.

7. Bonds payable with a par value of $24,000 on which there was an unamortized bond premium of $2,000 were redeemed at 101. The gain was credited to ordinary income. For each item, state where it is to be shown in the statement and then how you would present the necessary information, including the amount. Consider each item to be independent of the others. Assume that correct entries were made for all transactions as they took place.

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