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During 2012, Doxey Corporation had the following transactions and related events:

Jan. 15 Issued 6,500 shares of common stock at par ($16 per share), bringing the total number of shares outstanding to 121,300.

Feb. 6 Declared a 50-cent-per-share dividend on common stock for stockholders of record on March 6.

Mar. 6 Date of record.

8 Pedro Garcia, a prominent banker, purchased 20,000 shares of Doxey common stock from the company for $346,000.

Apr. 6 Paid dividends declared on February 6.

June 19 Reacquired 800 shares of common stock as treasury stock at a total cost of $9,350.

Sept. 6 Declared dividends of 55 cents per share to be paid to common stockholders of record on October 15, 2012.

Oct. 6 The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 300 points, and Doxey’s stock price fell $3 per share.

15 Date of record.

Nov. 16 Paid dividends declared on September 6.

Dec. 15 Declared and paid a 6% cash dividend on 18,000 outstanding shares of preferred stock (par value $32).

Given this information:

1. Prepare the journal entries for these transactions.

2. What is the total amount of dividends paid to common and preferred stockholders during 2012?

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