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 Discuss the role of financial intermediary and how could the bank be able to exercise caution in lending money to their customers.    2. Your discussion should focus on the issue of asymmetric information and the measures that DBS bank should have taken prior to granting of a loan facility and after the loan money have been issued to the customer.    3. You are to identify the problems/issues involved and critically apply the academic concepts/theories on what DBS bank should do to protect itself from further loss since a letter of demand has been issued to the company.   For Topic Two – Financial System   1. Critically examine and illustrate the components of the Singapore financial system.   2. Explain the types of financial products and services offered by financial intermediaries and their roles in the Singapore financial system which the business community can access. 3. Discuss briefly the key business activities of your company or a publicly listed company you are writing on. 4. Explain how your company or a publicly listed company can access the financial systems through the use of financial markets, financial intermediaries and financial instruments to facilitate its business activities.

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