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HLTH5193 Assignment 2: Health and Aged Care Funding Models and Financial Statement Analysis Value 40 % in total Presentation Professional report (with academic references) These are short answer questions and not essay questions. While dot points can be used where appropriate (e.g., for lists), formal sentence structure and grammar are expected. Refer to Assignment announcements re quality of submissions. Due date 11:55 pm, Sunday 20 October 2019 Part 1 – Health Care Funding Models 1. Describe activity based funding as it is applied in the Australian health sector. 2. What is the role of the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority in activity base funding? 3. Is it reasonable to assume that the (average) National Efficiency Price should apply equally to all states within Australia? Outline the assumptions which support your answer. 4. Casemix funding relies upon the average length of stay. Describe the problems of using the average length of stay for funding purposes? 5. Briefly compare the key features of activity based and population based funding methods. If you were the Federal Health Minister which funding model would you advocate and why? 6. The Federal Government provides funds to enable services to be purchased to help keep people in their own homes. Consumer directed care has altered the way in which funds can be used to support people in their own homes. If you were a service provider what would be the two key financial management issues you might be concerned with in relation to consumer directed care and why? (Hints: include definitions of key terms, especially if they are abbreviated, and feel free to include simple examples in your answers.)


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