darlene cook company engaged in the following transactions durin 249860

Darlene Cook Company engaged in the following transactions during the month of July:

July 1 Acquired land for $10,000. The company paid cash.

8 Billed customers for $3,000. This represents an increase in revenue. The customer has been billed and will pay at a later date. An asset, accounts receivable, has been created.

12 Incurred a repair expense for repairs of $600. Darlene Cook Company agreed to pay in 60 days.

This transaction involves an increase in accounts payable and repair expense.

15 Received a check for $500 from a customer who was previously billed. This is a reduction in accounts receivable.

20 Paid $300 for supplies. This was previously established as a liability, account payable.

24 Paid wages in the amount of $400. This was for work performed during July.


Record the transactions, using T-accounts.

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