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Chapter 137-  What major roles do group members perform?8- Discuss the way teams develop over time.Chapter 17-  How do management activities differ across organization? Describe the specific effects of organization size, industry- type, organizational culture, and profit vs. nonprofit organizations on these differences.8-  How do management activities differ within an organization? Describe the specific effects of level of management and functional specific effects of level of management and functional specially on these differences.Chapter 21-What cultural changes led to the emergence of management as the fourth factor of production? What are the other three factors of production?7- What were the unexpected results of Hawthorne studies and what conclusions were drawn from these results?Chapter 37- Discuss briefly how suppliers and customers may have power over an organization.8- Briefly describe some techniques that are used by organizations to interact with their environments.Chapter 43-Distinguish between the utilitarian philosophy and deontology. Supply an example of a business that has used each to make a decision.10- What is a social audit? How can a social responsibility activities?Chapter 53- What is an import tariff? A quota? Dumping? Why can dumping result in the imposition of tariffs and quotas?9- How can a manger become more globally aware? Why is being globally aware so important a quality in managers today?Chapter 74-What are some of the reasons why breakdowns can occur during the decision implementation stage?9-What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of group decision making?and all this cases

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