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Assignment:You have been working for the last several years for a family-style restaurant chain. You started out working as a dishwasher. Several months later, you were promoted to prep cook and eventually made your way into the kitchen. After working through all the stations and becoming very proficient at each station, the general manager has approached you about becoming the new kitchen manager. This is a great opportunity for you because you have just graduated from culinary school and want to get your professional career started. There is one big concern that the general manager has: You are friends with most of the kitchen staff and hang out with them on a regular basis. He has asked you to think about and answer the questions below in preparation for your interview with him next week.In 3 to 5 paragraphs, answer the following: Explain the difference between working and leading. How will you handle the new level of responsibility with the kitchen staff? How will you ensure fairness to the entire kitchen staff to avoid playing favorites to your friends? As the manager, what would you do if one of your friends is violating a work policy? How would you handle the situation?

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