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As you prepare to end your second internship within the hospitality industry, look back and explore the evolution of your attitudes, skills, and philosophy of service and leadership. Where are you now as a hospitality professional and how did you get here? How have you changed? In doing this, please compare and contrast the organizations in which you worked for your two internships, which is Starbucks manager and Hilton housekeeping supervisor. Explore the organizational structure, company culture, industry recognition, staff morale, training and development, customer perceptions, etc.
and how they contributed to your evolution of thought and skills. Further, explore how the roles you assumed in these organizations varied, examining your transferable and adaptable skills. Identify which organization type you most preferred working in and how this may impact your job search post-graduation. Draw upon your Hospitality Leadership in-class learning, and any other real world experiences you have had.
Really use this paper to take serious stock of who you are today and how you got here. Paper should be
at least 5 pages.
Typos, incorrect words, and sloppy grammar reflect poorly on you and will be reflected in your grade for the paper – so proofread out loud (double spaced, all margins 1 inch or less).

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