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After reading the required chapters on “Flow Sheets, Annotated Drawings, and Graphs” and “Using the EHR to Improve Patient Health,” complete and submit the following in an APA-style scholarly essay: Begin your essay with an introduction explaining the purpose of the essay. Discuss the purpose of flow sheets in a medical environment. Explain how flow sheets are used in obstetrics offices and chronic disease management. Explain the difference between a form-based flow sheet and a problem-oriented flow sheet. Detail how annotated drawings are used in a medical environment. Describe how electronic health records (EHR) preventive care systems work. Outline the pros and cons of using (EHR) as a preventative measure. Your essay must be at least two pages, and you must use at least two academic sources, one of which may be your textbook. Be sure to cite and reference any information from these sources in APA style, and format your paper in accordance to APA guidelines. Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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