acl audit command language 1 install the educational version of the acl software 243815

1. Install the Educational Version of the ACL software (CD/Rom in the front of the textbook). I recommend accepting all the default settings. 2. Open the “ACL in Practice” pdf file. There are different ways to do this. After installing the software you have the option of starting the program (ACL Desktop Education Edition) or opening the manual. The manual is the “ACL in Practice” file. Alternatively, you can navigate directly to the file, ACL_in_Practice.pdf, in the folder where the ACL data and the manual are saved on your hard drive (e.g., C:ACL DataSample Data Files). The manual is a written tutorial on using ACL. The tutorial is ninety-two pages long and contains the majority of the instructions for this project. If you want to print the primary instructions are on pdf pages 18 – 82. 3. ACL stands for Audit Command Language. You might want to reread the discussion on page 208 of the textbook over ACL. 4. Complete each chapter of the tutorial. To verify your work complete the following assignments. Use one Word document for all assignments except Chapter 6 where Excel is used.

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