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a research paper on cognitive-behavioral. Use the following conceptual framework to prepare a 12-15-page paper to analyze cognitive-behavioral. 1. Philosophical[O1] /historical roots 2. Theoretical framework (use work from seminal experts in the development of the theory chosen). 3. Nature of support for and against theory (empirical, practice wisdom). ⢠How do theoretical concepts translate into or guide specific practice goals and practice skills? ⢠What social work values are embraced? 4. When/with whom would it make the most sense to use this method in practice? ⢠Target populations ⢠Problems ⢠Those for whom this model is contraindicated 5. Description of treatment process ⢠Initial phase (e.g., purpose, areas of study and investigation, use of relationship, client/worker interaction, nature and content of client participation, nature of worker authority and expertise) ⢠Assessment (e.g., purpose, limits and range, process of assessment phase, client/worker interaction, nature and content of client’s participation; emphasis on strengths vs. weaknesses; nature of worker authority and expertise; relationship of assessment to theoretical bases; underpinnings; expected outcomes of assessment phase) ⢠Treatment (e.g., goals [implicit and explicit]; focus of work; strategies and techniques used [empirical support, practice wisdom)] ⢠Termination (e.g., how decided, how carried out) 6. Research ⢠How does this cognitive-behavioral inform research methods and topics?


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