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32. The most appealing thing about Arb-Med is that: A.None of these choices  B.Arb-Med is far cheaper and faster than its counterparts  C.Arb-Med fosters amicable relations between the parties during arbitration so that they are more likely to compromise during mediation  D.Arb-Med protects that confidentiality of disputant information throughout the process  E.Arb-Med disputants get a general idea of the outcome of a binding resolution before negotiations

22. Insofar as decision precedents are concerned, mediation is: A.none of these choices  B.disadvantageous because mediation compromises do not create any legal precedent  C.advantageous because mediation creates a precedent that can be used in court for subsequent disputes  D.advantageous because although mediation does not create precedent, mediators can be subpoenaed as witnesses to subsequent court proceedings  E.disadvantageous because mediation is far more time consuming for arriving at a precedent than is litigating in court

 29. With respect to promoting quality of consent and reducing invisible-veil thinking, the type of ADR that works best is: A.nonbinding evaluation  B.arbitration  C.pure, transformative, and narrative mediation  D.evaluative mediation  E.none of these choices

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