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1.    What are your legal obligations in preparing tender documentation? Describe the obligations and what legal responsibilities you have to the tenderers. Is there are contract with all the tenderers. 2.    What are disclaimer clauses and in what circumstances may they be effective 3.    You notice that you have in the past done some consultancy to one of the tenderers Dominant Systems (DS) What are your obligations in assessing the tender and duties to other tenderers 4.    One of the tenderers provides further information after the tender is closed. What are your legal obligations and options? Mediation in the construction industry has been playing an increasing role. (i) a.    What is the difference between mediation, and b.     the traditional court litigation process c.     Arbitration (ii) d.    What is the role of the mediator (iii) e.     You are employed as a Project Manager with special responsibilities of dispute resolution through mediation Write procedures and directions for staff of the matters necessary to prepare for a mediation and the use of experts in the mediation process. iv.     a)    What are the essential requirements to prepare for mediation? b)    Indicate the types of situations where mediation may be used. c)    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the mediation process. d)    How could the mediation process be used in the cases of Fletcher Constructions?       ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION                 20 Marks have recently been appointed a Construction Manager for a large You construction company McBUILD. McBUILD has a number of large and ongoing projects and also a number of small and medium size projects. You are focused in avoiding and containing disputes. Your company has recently been involved in a number of court cases where legal costs have exceeded the cost of the project. Your directors have mentioned various ways to avoid and contain disputes. These include dispute avoidance procedures, conciliation ,arbitration, and litigation  You have been asked to write guidelines to you managers relating to avoiding and containing disputes and provide recommendation as to which procedures are suitable for the various projects that your company undertakes. You have been asked to: 1.    Describe the various forms of dispute avoidance and resolution and how these are to be put into place. 2.    What action and preparation do the staff need to take and what professionals do they need to engage and at what stage to avoid and manage contracting disputes. 3.    Recommend what appropriate procedures are suitable for the wide range of projects that your company is involved and how to manage those procedures. Give your reasons for your recommendations.

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