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1.    What are some of the indications for induction of labor? There are some indications for induction of labor.  Pregnancy that exceeds 41 weeks, the are high blood pressure, if pregnancy exceeds 41 weeks or premature  rupture of membrane 2.    What are some of the different ways of inducing labor? 3.    What nursing interventions must be done prior to starting induction of labor? 4.    List the nursing responsibilities in the labor and delivery room during a vaginal delivery. 5.    Describe the nursing interventions for the mother after immediate delivery of the infant. 6.    What is the nurse’s priority intervention in caring for a newly delivered newborn  ? 7.    List the steps to performing ahead to toe assessment of the newborn. 8.    The health care provider orders: Pitocin 30 units in 500 ml of Lacated Ringers to infuse at two milliunits / minute. How many ml/hr will you set the pump for? 9.    What are the potential complications and side effects of Pitocin?

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