1 identify some of the major differences between the fields of financial and manager 241871

Identify some of the major differences between the fields of financial and managerial accounting?

  1. Compare and contrast these differences in terms of usefulness to managers for decision making?
  2. How do organisations cope with managers who have little knowledge of accounting?

Not: – this question are consist of three (3) parts please cover all these questions in this assignment in order to my requirements too

Need about 500 words.

My requirements.

  1. It is most important to use my attached articleas one reference.
  2. Pleasechoose real companies to discuss.
  3. Please don’t use more thanone websiteon reference.
  4. Need at least3-4 Reference.
  5. Please useHarvard style.
  6. Free of plagiarismbecause my university using a very strike program in check called (TURNITIN) and its accurate.
  7. Harvard style should be like this ((author name)( year) then( title of article) then (title of journals in Italic) then (volume number) then (part number) or issue number finally (pages number)..

Please use in assignment the following:-

  1. Introduction.(defined the main terms).
  2. Body. (Discussion).
  3. Conclusion.(summarize the main points).


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