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1. How would you describe the relationship between Barak, Tania, Hussein and Kate? (In your answer you should discuss whether or not the Adelaide Jammers is a partnership and, if so, who are the partners?) 2. Advise Harry regarding his right to recover $2000 (plus interest) still owing on the amplification equipment and the $10,000 owing on the piano. Which (if any) of the four members of the band (i.e. Barak, Tania, Hussein and Kate) would be liable? 3. Advise the band members as to their liability to the French tourists who were not insured in Australia for the injuries they sustained (Which if any of the four members of the band would be liable for the injuries sustained in the accident?) 4. Advise all the band members of their rights and liabilities upon dissolution of the band, in regard to their equipment (including the saxophone and the electronic drum kit).

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