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1.    Discuss the inadequacies of Basel II to deal with the contemporary issues faced by financial institutions around the world. 2.    Discuss the reasons Basel III was introduced. 3.    Discuss and critique whether Basel III ought to be applied to the Big 4 banks in Australia. 4.    Discuss how any one of the Big 4 banks in Australia managed Basel III with respect to how funds are raised. Case Study 2: (not more than 2000 words in total or 8 pages – including graphs, tables etc but excluding reference list) Please read EXTENDED LEARNING from page 127 to 131 of the prescribed textbook (7th edition) on project finance. 1.    Define project finance in your own words. 2.    Explain the reasons public-private partnerships (PPP) are common in project finance. 3.    Discuss and critique 4 key risks related to public-private partnerships. 4.    Discuss and critique 3 key success factors in public-private partnership (PPP).

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