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1.    Directors acting dishonestly should be criminally investigated. If found guilty they should be liable for imprisonment and repayment of funds dishonestly obtained. Discuss. Use Agency theory to support your answer.    10 marks 2.    Board diversity is not important and directors should be appointed and retained based on merit.    Discuss. Use Stewardship theory and Stakeholder theory to support your arguments.                            10 marks 3.    Family companies operate with different corporate governance rules than companies owned by non-family shareholders. Family owned companies should be able to operate in a way that benefits family members. Discuss. Use Resource Dependence theory and Stewardship theory to support your answer.  10 marks 4.    Superannuation (Pension) funds have the right and responsibility to influence decisions of companies in which they own shares and to ensure the companies act in a socially responsible manner. Discuss.                 10 marks

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